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As prescriptions for Ritalin to treat ADHD continue to rise in the United States, patients and their parents are often seeking other options. Chiropractic treatment is a non-drug alternative for ADHD. We are happy to offer this option in our Great Falls office.

Chiropractor Great Falls

With ADHD patients, musculoskeletal imbalance leads to an imbalance of brain activity and affects motor activity. Chiropractic treatment can help with postural muscle and brain development. The combination of chiropractic care, proper diet and lifestyle adjustments work together as a course of treatment for ADHD.

Our experienced, highly skilled and friendly Great Falls chiropractors work with patients of all ages. We can help you or your loved one make chiropractic care a part of a journey to wellness and improved quality of life.

Our ADHD treatment plans don’t just address symptoms, but are designed to identify and treat underlying problems. We recognize each patient is unique and work to determine the right protocol for the individual.

Non-drug ADHD treatment for you or your loved one is just a phone call or click away. Call us today at 703-757-5817 or use our online booking system to schedule your appointment with our Great Falls staff.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Dr. Loebig is unique in that he doesn't merely "see" patients. He becomes invested in his patients' condition. If you are not improving, he will ask questions and create a new plan of treatment. He won't give up on anyone. I feel completely confident that I am receiving the best and most current chiropractic care at Loebig."
    Susan P.
  • ""I have been going to Glenn for 17 years. I could not imagine seeing another chiropractor. After 17 years saying he is good at what he does is a given. More importantly it's about the trust and the personal attention he gives to each patient. It's about his patience, his genuine care and attention I see him give to every patient. DC is full of good doctors. I would highly recommend Dr. Loebig - I drive 45 minutes to see him and consider every minute worth it."
    Christine C.
  • ""By far my best experience ever with Chiropractic care. As a PGA Golf Professional, I cannot afford to have an injury slow me down. Glenn keeps my back, neck and hip aligned allowing me a pain and injury free golf swing. At my age and time spent on the course, it is more important than ever. I have known Glenn for almost 20 years and cannot say enough good things about him and his professional staff!"
    Chuck W.